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 Music Programs Tailored to Your Needs   

Voice Lessons (ages 5 and up)

We teach pop, rock and broadways. Voice students focus on correct warm up techniques basic proper vocal techniques such as breath control, vocal tone production, vocal range, projection and power, vibrato and more developing their own unique voice. We do teach public speaking for those who want to improve their speaking voices. 

Piano Lessons (ages 5 and up)

Beginning piano will learn basic piano skills such as note reading, correct fingering and hand techniques.  We use a variety of piano method and theory books along with supplementary performance books. If you do not have a piano at home we can provide a simple small size electronic keyboard to rent for the first 6 months. 

Guitar/Ukulele Lessons

We teach on electric and acoustic guitar. We can teach students as young as age 5. Students will learn how to string and tune properly, strumming and picking reading simple chords and melodies from different styles of music. Guitar methods and supplementary books are used.   

Drums Lessons

We can teach students as young as age 5. They will  focus on materials that are appropriate for young, small hands and bodies such as basic counting exercises, simple drum beats and basic techniques. Older students will learn drum rudiments, basic elements of drumming, reading and playing different styles of music on a full set drums.  Coordination of fingers, hands, arms, ankles and legs in addition to back and chest muscles.  Students will experience the fun of drumming at their own pace.   


Strings Lessons

We can teach students as young as age 5.  Our teachers will focus on materials that are appropriate for young, small hands and bodies such as easy melodies, etudes, and songs that the student wants to learn.

You’ll start by learning simple melodies and single string technique.  You’ll then progress to note reading and more advanced techniques such as vibrato and shifting.  Our teachers are comfortable with the most popular beginner violin method

Brass and Woodwinds Lessons

Students for these instruments usually are ages 9 or older.  We offer lessons in Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone and Recorder. Our brass and woodwind teachers teach a variety of styles including Band, Orchestra, Jazz, Mariachi, and many others.  Most beginning lessons include work with playing the notes on your instrument along with reading music and music theory.  While the student is gaining musical knowledge he or she is also having fun with songs and melodies typical of his or her instrument. Students can enhance their skills for their school band or develop advanced skills to become soloist.

Show Choir

This primier show group students will learn different styles of music, learn to sing in harmony and staging/choreographed skills. Performing at various malls, hotels, special events and travel. Class meets once a week  for 1hr.  Ages 8-17 years.


Registration - Year Round Open Enrollement


Monthly Tuition Fees

Private Music Lesson (30 minutes) $130 a month 

Musical Theatre - $125 (60 minutes) 12 weeks

Show Choir "Rhapsody" (60 minutes) $40 a month

Annual Registration

There is an additional $25 yearly registration fee for the first two

family member and $10 for each additional family member.

Have more questions – Call us! We will be happy to help!

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