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20 Reasons to Thank a Music Teacher

1. They taught you practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. If you keep repeating the same passage incorrectly, then you’re ultimately learning it wrong.

2. They taught you hard work pays off when you practice.

3. They taught you that it’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are a part of life and there’s no need to say “sorry” after every wrong step/note.

4. They taught you that after you make a mistake, you keep going and no one will notice.

5. They push you past your limits to show how far you can go.“Reset! One more once!”

6. They are the perfect example of how to stay positive in stressful situations. They didn’t make a face after a wrong note but on the inside a little piece of their soul is dying… one flat note at a time.

7. They taught you rhythm. Now no one can make fun of you for having bad rhythm! (Unless you’re a drummer, ba dum tss!)

8. They taught you to be a member of a group/ensemble. Blend and balance can make or break an ensemble.

9. They taught you how to be a leader/soloist. If you can nod your head and breathe at the same time, you can cue more than one person in.

10. They gave you confidence. Music is not for the faint of heart.

11. They encouraged the best out of you.

12. They do a lot for very little means. Most public school music teachers come in early before school starts to rehearse, fix instruments, etc. and stays after school (hours at a time) to give lessons and rehearse more. These extra hours are rarely accounted for in a teacher’s salary.

13. They taught you that silence is a beautiful thing. Rests are just as important as the notes.

14. They helped you understand fractions before you even learned what fractions are. Yes, a 16th is smaller than an 8th. Two quarter (notes) fit in half (note).

15. They taught you what self discipline is. If you know you’re playing the note wrong, then stop and fix it.

16. They taught you how to take responsibility for yourself. It’s important to bring your violin to your violin lesson or your trumpet to school when you know you have band class.

17. They taught you how to conquer your fears. Auditions are just as nerve racking as asking someone to the prom but if you give it your all then they can’t possibly say no!

18. They taught you a skill in which can stimulate the entire brain.“Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function.” – Elena Mannes, The Power of Music

19. They taught you there’s always room for improvement.Constructive self-criticism is an important part of growing up.

20. And most importantly, they taught you how to not just listen to music, but experience it

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