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Not Just Your Sipping Straw[Tip]

Reset Your Tired and Tense Voice.Whether your voice is hoarse, raspy, fatigue or need a quick warm up to prevent from losing your voice, the benefits of the straw technique will help fix all kinds of problems almost instantly. Even getting a better voice! How great is that? Here is why and how. Remember when you where a kid when you use to blow bubbles in a cup of milk through a straw? Singing through the straw will help reduce the inflammation of your vocal cords to stretch, lengthen and thin out. Your vocal cords work out best when they are thin and lean so they can close more prescisely. And adds pressure to the mouth rather in your vocal cordsIt relaxes the muscles in the mouth, tongue and jaw. Here's how:

  1. Use an 1/8 inch sipping straw.

  2. Insert 1/2 inch in your mouth.

  3. Close the lips completely and firmly around the straw.

  4. Sing on a "uh" gliding the pitch from low to high as you can without using falsetto. Or singing a song. Do this exercise for about 2 minutes.

The best benefit of using the straw technique is that it teaches the singer or speaker not to overblow the voice. I have use this technique for my voice students and it works amazingly.

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